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ASUSTOR AS5008T Review

Bringing in a newer, faster CPU and an additional two Ethernet Ports makes for some serious fun.  Having combed through the benchmarks, it looks like the AS5008T has done something on the scale of amazing.  What? You ask… ASUSTOR has created an affordable (around $700USD) NAS that competes with NAS costing nearly twice as much.  Having performed near the top in almost all of our benchmarks, the AS5008T is a speedster wearing racing stripes.


The savings comes from some re-purposing of parts and the shedding of excess weight.  ASUSTOR trimmed the LCD, and to me… that is no biggie, I never look at it anyway.

ASUSTOR-AS5008T (31)

As for the rest of it, ADM has always been a strong contender and with their latest enhancements to the UI in version 2.4, it is even easier on the eyes.  The OS is polished and ready to use.  Although you may not be accessing your NAS UI on a regular basis; when you do, you shouldn’t have to reference the manual every time.  ASUSTOR makes using your NAS easy.

Strap all that in the same saddle and you have put a racing horse on a dog track.  While there are plenty of NAS out there that are worthy of your consideration, there are few that do it as well as the AS-5008T.

ASUSTOR has become one of my go to manufacturers for NAS. They have made some great NAS at some very affordable prices. Naturally, as time goes on, components are less expensive for consumers and for manufacturers. This allows NAS makers to pack more power into their storage appliances without increasing…
Performance - 9.5
Features - 9
Design - 9
Value - 10


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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Exterior Features
  3. Internal Features
  4. Mobile Applications
  5. Initial Configuration
  6. Administration
  7. Administration: Continued
  8. Benchmarking: Avatar Benchmark
  9. Benchmarking: MP3 Transfer Benchmark
  10. Benchmarking: 2GB Transfer Benchmark
  11. Benchmarking: Intel NASPT
  12. Benchmarking: IOMeter
  13. Benchmarking: CrystalDiskMark
  14. Final Thoughts

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