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ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.3

ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced that Surveillance Center has officially upgraded to version 2.3. All ASUSTOR NAS users with surveillance needs are welcome to download and experience this new version firsthand.


“With the growing global demand for IP surveillance solutions, we are very excited to be launching Surveillance Center 2.3 to meet these demands,” said James Su, Product Manager at ASUSTOR. “This new version of Surveillance Center increases system stability and automates more functions than ever before. We are sure it will delight all our users across the world.”

Surveillance Center 2.3 includes even more powerful functions for professional surveillance setups. Highly flexible automated event action rules allow administrators to customize alarm handling rules. When an event occurs, the system can select different measures to handle the situation based on the type of event that occurred or the time the event occurred. Also, a variety of simple on-screen controls provide a smooth and intuitive usage experience while role-based  access control provides more detailed permissions management allowing administrators to create roles for users according to their responsibilities, administrative tasks that they are able to execute, and the camera feed playback and administrative functions available to them. Moreover, foreign object detection for IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) allows users to quickly search and detect if a foreign object has appeared in a specified area (for example, a bag, box, tire or person) in order to quickly and efficiently find the associated video recordings. This upgrade also adds compatibility for cameras from ACTi, BUFFALO and PLANET, providing users with more options and flexibility than ever before when creating their surveillance system.

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