How XBMC is Keeping Me Alive


I will admit it. I am usually a hold out. In this particular case, I held out as long as I could in fear that an upgrade wouldn't work the way I liked it to. For a long time I had been using a combination of WMC (Windows Media Center) and XBMC to front end my Home Theater PC. WMC handled my Live TV streaming with a cable card and an HDHomerun Prime, while XBMC did everything else. To be honest, XBMC had some level of PVR functionality built-in to handle live TV... but it was crap in comparison and a major headache to configure with my setup. Read More »

Use Your iPad as a Remote Control for WMC

ipad-ceton-wmc (2)

I have always had an HTPC as my home theater's centerpiece. The flexibility that an HTPC brings simply can't be matched by the likes of WD TV Live, Apple TV, or any Roku. I have the ability to spin a disc, play my enormous library of music and movies, and watch live TV. The only thing that had been holding my HTPC back from being adopted as the primary solution by my fiance was a keyboard and mouse. In order to rid my self of our cable box, I had to find a solution that anyone could use, including my technophobic fiancé. Read More »

Article: Control Your HTPC With A PS3 Remote Control


Having recently reviewed the SilverStone Grandia GD08 and loving it, I was looking for a way to satisfy the one need SilverStone left me with.  The case design didn’t allow for a standard 5.25 inch bay device to be used due to the flip down panels incorporated to conceal your optical drives.  This, in turn, meant that installing the coveted ... Read More »

Article: Yammm vs Meta Browser vs Media Center Master


If you have a large multimedia library you have probably been looking for a good way to keep everything organized. There are a number of software packages out there that can help, but which ones are the best? Hopefully, we can help clear up some of the confusion by shedding some light on some of the software packages that can ... Read More »

Article: Share Your Library with XBMC using MySQL


Recently, we featured an article on sharing your playstate and watched status with MediaBrowser for WMC.  One of my main reasons for using the software was the shared library features.  Today, with XBMC you are able to perform the same functions.  The process is a bit more difficult, but well worth it. Read More »

Article: Best XBMC Skins


Lately, it seems that my HTPC has been getting most of my attention. With the changes in front end software, I have finally settled, for now, on XBMC. One of the best features is the ability to skin XBMC to your liking.  After hours of searching for the perfect skin, I have rundown what I think are the best available. Read More »

Share “Playstate” using MediaBrowser for WMC


Lately, I have been experimenting with various types of front ends for my HTPC from the likes of PLEX, XBMC, MediaPortal, and more.  For some reason though, they all seem to fall short, in their own ways, of Windows Media Center.  After tons if installs and uninstalls, I settled on using the MediaBrowser Plugin for Windows Media Center… but there ... Read More »

Review: Lian Li PC-C60


If you frequent C.O.D. you will realize that I am a fan of Lian Li. I have had many of their cases over the years and it seems that they always seem to set the bar just a little higher every time they come out with something new. Granted, there have been some questionable designs over the years (U6), but ... Read More »

Play .MKV’s in Windows Media Center (WMC)


For a long time I had resisted converting my DVD and Blu-Ray disks into any other format because I didn’t want to lose any quality.  I had lived by this rule for a long time, and thankfully companies like QNAP and Thecus came to my storage rescue.  However, the day has come where the cost of storing all the extra ... Read More »

Review: SilverStone GD06 Home Theater PC Case


There is no doubt that the HTPC enthusiast has some options when looking for a chassis to fill the void in their entertainment center.  It seems like so many of the options are either too small, too big, to ugly, or too expensive.  With that in mind, SilverStone has stepped up their game.  SilverStone is no slouch when it comes ... Read More »