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Is your IT initiative ready?


If your company is ready to bring an IT project live, you may be missing more pieces than you think.  It is too often the case that Information Technology evolves within the organization faster than the organization may be ready for it and as an IT enthusiast/specialist; my eyes have been opened recently when rolling out a new initiative. Read More »

What MDS Should Mean to a CIO


I have been in the IT environment for all of my adult life and with that, I have heard countless organizations claim that they can revolutionize the way companies do business.  To this day, there have only been a few companies that have really changed the way they do business that can directly change the way their customers do business.  ... Read More »

Why I am Dumping Firefox


I really had high hopes for the latest version of Firefox, so much so that I sat and dealt with the same problems from the previous version waiting for an update to fix it.  Firefox has come a long way since it debuted, but sometimes that road ahead can actually lead you backwards.  With the slurry of new features present ... Read More »

Firefox & Zooming


I have had an annoying problem that I just realized I had.  Sometimes, when I am quick clicking through websites or testing on this one, I tend to hit some buttons rather quickly.  Sometimes, they close my windows and other times have no effect.  Well, one time, I accidentally zoomed in on this site with Firefox and never realized that ... Read More »

Where is Your PSU Fan?


I recently had an interesting argument with one of my friends about Power Supplies.  Our argument was about cooling fan size and placement within the power supply.  His argument was that a larger fan is better than a smaller fan.  As enthusiast, we have seen both employed, but for some reason, no standard has been defined.  Are Power supply companies ... Read More »

Will Google Latitude Destroy Your Relationship?


After switching from iOS to Android and being entrenched in the Google experience, my curiosity leads me in the direction of trying all kinds of new things.  After my initial introduction to Google Voice, I was impressed with the service and with some of things that Google gives us for FREE so I was naturally curious about Google Latitude.  Latitude ... Read More »

My Laptop is Birth Control?


Every once in a while I run across some information that I find intriguing.  Even less often, I find something useful, but today is not one of those days.  If you haven’t guessed it, I am a geek… and geeks love computers.  Given that there are 13 of them running in my house at any given time I would say ... Read More »

When does security inhibit productivity?


The current security craze is affecting more than our daily computing.  The implementation of various security measures has gone beyond standard security measures and has entered the obscene.  Where do we draw the line between taking precautions and stifling productivity.  IT concerns are valid, immeasurable, and undeniable… however, so is productivity. Read More »

Hard Drive Encryption


It seems that the world is going crazy; everyone wants everyone else’s information.  Some companies are going to great lengths to protect their data.  Laptops have gone missing or stolen with tons of important data on them, copy machines have latent images on the hard drives that can contain vital or important private information on them.  So what can be ... Read More »

The Dangers of Email


As our world becomes more digital and the number of “personal” interactions with other people declines, we rely more on email and texting than phone conversations.  There are a few drawbacks to this and I can bet that you have found yourself on one end or the other.  As our interactions move more to email, we have to realize that ... Read More »