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Windows Home Server

The Requested Lookup Key Was Not Found In Any Active Activation Context


I don’t understand why things just can’t seem to work seamlessly.  Especially when you are talking about Microsoft Products.  You would think that one Microsoft product would work without issue with another, and you would think that you are pretty much guaranteed that this would be the case when the Microsoft Product in question is installed through Windows Update.  Enough ... Read More »

Will KHOBE Be The End of Windows?


It was a dark and stormy night, May 5th; it was intense, my dog was hiding in the bathtub, the wind was blowing like a child with a new kazoo, the rain was coming down in sheets (11 x 17), and my PC was left to fend for itself.  Suddenly, the ground shook and my home felt epileptic.  The phone ... Read More »

How to Turn on Automatic Logon in Windows


This is a subject that can be attacked a few different ways.  There are many reasons why people want to log into Windows Automatically and the ways to do it are just as various.  For my purposes, logging into windows automatically is an absolute must for my HTPC’s.  The last thing I want to do is try to spell out ... Read More »

Why Verizon Customers will love WHS


There has been great anticipation for Verizon Wireless customers to have an iPhone competitor in their pocket.  With the release of DROID, they will have a new love for WHS as well.  The DROID phone runs Google’s Android OS and with the new release of SubSonic, they now have an app that can stream music to your phone… for free.  ... Read More »

Slow Transfer Speeds from WHS Fixed with Jumbo Frames


I have been playing with my home server for more than a year now and I have always just dealt with the slow transfer speeds to and from my server, until now.  I have a gigabit switch (Linksys EG005W) and I am running Cat6 to all my machines that host gigabit adapters. With that said, I would consistently only get ... Read More »

Sockso Music Server on WHS


I am always looking for new and better ways to do things with my Windows Home Server.  Lately, it has been pretty stale… finding new things that is.  Then, when not looking for something, I found something; Sockso Music Server. Read More »

Streaming Music from WHS with Subsonic


I have been looking for a way to stream music from my Windows Home Server without using some intermediary service for some time now.  Most of the applications require some third party service to stream your media, that is, until I stumbled upon Subsonic. Subsonic promises to deliver the solution to streaming my music without using any third party service ... Read More »

Keep Track of Your Bandwidth Usage with WHS


Most of us have heard about Comcast’s new bandwidth restrictions.  Comcast has set a hard limit, finally, to their bandwidth usage for customers at a static 250GB per month.  These are limits that were previously not in place and there is an easy way to keep an eye on your usage. Read More »