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Review: Lian Li PC-C60

Review: Lian Li PC-C60

If you frequent C.O.D. you will realize that I am a fan of Lian Li. I have had many of their cases over the years and it seems that they always seem to set the bar just a little higher every time they come out with something new. Granted, there have been some questionable designs over the years (U6), but I tend to forget those rather quickly when I look at the number of extremely well designed and meticulously manufactured chassis they have produced. Recently, Lian Li has produced an HTPC chassis that promises to impress… the PC-C60.

c60 02 500x500 Review: Lian Li PC C60

As soon as you open the box, you notice it. You notice the brushed aluminum. You notice that it is EVERYWHERE! and you love it…

Other than the aluminum, there are a number of things that sets this HTPC chassis apart from others. First, it is big… not overwhelmingly big, but noticeably bigger than the recently reviewed SilverStone GD06. The PC-C60 measures 445mm wide, 182mm tall, and 410mm deep. Given the great depth of the PC-C60, you will have no issues fitting some of today’s larger video cards, a PSU up to 180mm in depth, and the extra height allows you to install a CPU cooler up to 140mm vs 120mm for the SilverStone.

PC-C60 GD-06 % Larger
Width 445 440 1%
Height 182 150 21%
Depth 410 340 21%

c60 09 250x250 Review: Lian Li PC C60c60 11 250x250 Review: Lian Li PC C60

c60 24 Review: Lian Li PC C60

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  • Pranav Shah

    Great review, Thanks.
    In your review you mentioned:
    “In our test installation, in only took a few weeks for the guard to stretch and start rubbing against the fan blades adding some unneeded noise at movie time.”

    Any suggestions on how to keep the noise level low or any other HTPC that provides good cooling and low noise for a budget around $150 that supports an ATX board and room for at-least 3 hard-drives and an optical drive.

    • http://computingondemand.com Joe DiFiglia

      Silverstone makes a great chassis GD-08 is highly recommended. Personally, I am still using the PC-C60, but I removed the fan filters.