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Manilla is Closing its Doors, What Now?

Having used Manilla’s service for quite some time now, I have become accustomed to the alerts and statement notifications provided by the service.  In a previous article, Simplify Your Financial Life With Mint.com & Manilla.com, we outlined the service and recommended it as one tool for simplifying your finances.  For a while now, Manilla has been slowly preparing us for …

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ULTRA eXo Bluetooth Mini Keyboard with Touchpad

It wasn’t too long ago that I found the itablet BK01 Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard while strolling through the aisles at my local Microcenter. The BK01 has served me well, but not well enough to keep me from looking for something better. Recently, an online retailer featured the ULTRA eXo Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for an incredible price of $19.99. The question …

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Is Google DNS Better Than Your ISP’s?

Recently, Google introduced their own DNS service for internet customers.  With the latest iteration of their service, along with OpenDNS and a few other DNS Service providers, they have started to use CDN’s (Content Delivery Network) to increase performance.  This helps latency issues that your ISP is typically unable to address by gathering and using data stored on DNS servers …

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