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Seagate PRO NAS DP6 Review

After you make your way through the device manager, other elements of the NAS can and will become more important to explore.


App manager follows many of the traditions that other NAS manufacturers have set.  You can install applications that you wouldn’t find as part of the native OS.  Apps are broken down into 5 basic categories.

  1. Backup
  2. Business
  3. Multimedia
  4. Security
  5. Utilities


SeagateProNas-DP6-(68) SeagateProNas-DP6-(70)

While the app store isn’t exactly loaded with options, some useful bits of kit do exist.  The ability to install things like Antivirus, Plex, and a Surveillance Manager are all bonuses in my book.  If you find some NAS enthusiasts out there that have created apps that aren’t available in the App Store, you can manually install them using the advanced menu option.


The backup manager is a fun and easy way to make sure all your data is safe.  Well, it isn’t exactly fun, but it does the job of setting up some backup jobs pretty easily.  You can configure the backup manager to perform a local backup, a cloud backup, a network backup, or restore a backup.  The configuration wizard steps you through the process with little effort


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The download manager is a tool that will let you download files from the internet (PDF, Torrent, Binary) or allow you to upload files using Torrents.

SeagateProNas-DP6-(78) SeagateProNas-DP6-(79)


The NAS OS File Browser allows you to manage and transfer files via HTTP. You can use it to transfer, copy, and delete files, as well as view photos in thumbnails and stream multimedia content such as MP3 files. It is a convenient way to interact with files stored on your NAS using an Internet browser.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Exterior Features
  3. Interior Features
  4. System Setup
  5. Administration
  6. Other OS Features
  7. Benchmarking: Avatar Benchmark
  8. Benchmarking: MP3 Transfer Benchmark
  9. Benchmarking: 2GB Transfer Benchmark
  10. Benchmarking: Intel NASPT
  11. Benchmarking: IOMeter
  12. Benchmarking: CrystalDiskMark
  13. Final Thoughts

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