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Sockso Music Server on WHS

Sockso Music Server on WHS

Next, the Users Tab. I chose to require a login because I don’t want just any shmoe finding my server and start streaming / downloading from it.  Instead of creating a user for all of my friends, I simply created one for everyone.

sockso 04 300x214 Sockso Music Server on WHS

sockso 05 300x157 Sockso Music Server on WHS

Now that you have your user and your general settings the way you like them, it is time to get your Collection configured.  Again, it is as simple as clicking the collection tab and selecting the option for “Add Folder”.

sockso 06 300x208 Sockso Music Server on WHS

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  • Rob

    Have same disconnect issue, setup sockso but when I try to access it from one of my other pc’s it maxes out the cpu on the HP media server which kills all connectivity to it. Have tried several times with no luck, can access it while rdped into media server, although cpu is still high. Gave up on it…

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  • matthewhotdude

    Looks good But I set this up on my HP MediaSmart server and whenever I try to access Sockso from a remote computer it kills the network connection on the server, The router doesnt even detect the server?!? only way to correct this is a reboot…any suggestions?