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Arctic Sound P531 Surround Sound Headset


In my younger days, cough cough.. !NURSE!!, cough cough, I would game like there was no tomorrow.  There was no Microsoft Office, there was no Quickbooks, Open Office, or LANDesk.  There was Unreal Tournament, NFS, Quake, Battlefield, C.O.D. (not this website).  My desk was a war zone, my office was a LAN party, and my friends were my comrades fighting ...

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Logitech Z-5300 5.1 Speaker System

There is nothing better than getting that heart pounding high quality sound from your PC audio equipment when you are deep in the trenches fragging it out, racing to the finish line, going the green, or just trying to shake the walls with your mp3 collection. Logitech surprised me with their budget Z-640’s and now they want to try to ...

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Altec Lansing 251

Altec Lansing offers a wide range (both in price and configuration) of computer speakers for the consumer market. Here we will take an in depth look at their 251 Gaming Theater, It is a 6-piece; 5.1 speaker set which consists of a subwoofer, front and rear speakers, and a center speaker. The computer and gaming markets are crowded with plenty ...

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Logitech z-640 5.1 Speaker System

Introduction Those of us who enjoy the heart pounding action of tactical games have lately been engulfed in the search for that perfect set of speakers. Speakers that will leave you quivering in anticipation to hear the dredging of feet approaching behind you; while you conceal yourself in the darkness grasping your MP5 Navy, HE grenade and Black Hawk ready ...

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