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ASUSTOR AS5008T Review

ASUSTOR has become one of my go to manufacturers for NAS. They have made some great NAS at some very affordable prices. Naturally, as time goes on, components are less expensive for consumers and for manufacturers. This allows NAS makers to pack more power into their storage appliances without increasing costs. In some cases, we are finding more powerful NAS …

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Unless you have been living under a small stone in a field behind Bilbo Baggins’ home, you may have heard the term NAS (Network Attached Storage).  NAS are becoming more prevalent in the home, the small office, and the Enterprise.  These flexible, inexpensive, devices can nearly do it all, which is what makes them so attractive.  Well, it seems like …

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ASUSTOR AS-302T Review

NAS manufacturers are hitting the home theater enthusiast scene pretty hard.  ASUSTOR has joined the charge and thinks they have a NAS that can steal the spotlight.  They are packing as much as they can into these powerful little boxes and people are eating it up.  ASUSTOR impressed us with their AS-608T; can they keep up the good work with …

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ASUSTOR AS-608T Review

Storage today has never looked better.  The days of loud rackmount servers and complicated operating systems is nearly gone.  Today’s storage is compact and inviting and the hardware has shifted to smaller systems that house tons of storage.  The operating systems have transitioned from expensive name brand products or complicated command line administration to simple web-based administration that nearly anyone …

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