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GlacialTech Siberia CPU Cooler


It has been a few months since I last visited with a GlacialTech offering and when they asked me to take a look at the Siberia Cooler, I was hopeful.  Hopeful that they would be able to win on all fronts this time.  The Siberia aims at a different target than the Alaska did, the Siberia is designed for quiet ... Read More »

Thermaltake Frio – CLP0564


I have always considered Thermaltake to be one of the premier manufacturers of cases and cooling products; even though I haven’t always been a fan of all of their products.  With the loud design of many products entering the market today, it seems that there has been a lack of balance between the design and the function, whereas the function ... Read More »

Nexus Real Silent CPU Cooler – FLC-3000 R2


Some people like quiet computing, others like the wind tunnel experience.  Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle.  The winding hum of fans whisking air through my rig is calming for me; much like vacuums to a baby.  However, I am not the norm, oddly.  Many of today’s users seem to look towards a peaceful experience in front of the ... Read More »

GlacialTech Alaska Multiple Platform CPU Cooler


For a long time, I was a cooling enthusiast; it was water or nothing.  However, as improvements have been made over the last few years, the idea of air cooling has become an attractive option.  The days of drilling holes in my case for mounting radiators and clumsy water pump configurations have gone out the window.  Although nothing looks as ... Read More »

Spire Coolers PacificBreeze II – SP302AP-B


Until recently, I have never really been a huge fan of laptops.  I am given one for my company, but until I decided to get married I had no reason to be in the living room.  Now that my time can’t be dedicated to being in my office on my desktop PC, a laptop has become a necessity.  Although they ... Read More »

Spire SP601B3 VertiCool II

At 4 in the morning, most people are sleeping; not me. I am sitting in front of my test rig testing the cpu cooling solution you are about to read about. Spire has been filling their portfolio with new products on a consistent basis and has decided to throw this one our way. Spire left me hanging with the DiamondCool ... Read More »

Spire SP741B3-U DiamondCool II

So you think you have it all figured out. You bought your AMD 64 and you have your system all rigged up. You are playing your games, checking your email, surfing the net, and doing your “thing” without any consideration for what is in store for you. It’s nice and cool out, the heat hasn’t really struck yet and keeping ... Read More »

Arctic Cooling – Freezer 64 Pro

Every time I sit down with a new piece of hardware, I think how things have changed. When I got my 400 GB hard drive, I thought long and hard about my massive 10 GB Quantum Bigfoot. When I got my DVD Burner, I thought long and hard about my 1x CD Burner. When I got my 3700+ San Diego ... Read More »

Speeze EE475B13 Copper Snake III

I can remember the days when I would have to find the biggest, baddest, most expensive heat sink on the market to cool my overclocked CPU. It’s amazing how things change. I went from the guy with the loudest computer, to the guy with the green glowing water cooled computer. My days of obnoxiously loud fans like the Tornados and ... Read More »

Thermalright SLK-800

Along about the middle of last year Thermalright introduced the SLK-800 heatsink for socket 370/462 motherboards. The result was a resounding success. The SLK-800 found itself perched atop the food chain for aftermarket cooling on those steaming Athlons. Praises were heaped upon it like roses on Miss America. So, it’s been well over six months since it was introduced, why subject ... Read More »