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iStarUSA BPU-350SATA Cage Review

iStarUSA-BPU-350SATA (7)

If you are into storage and servers, you may have thought about taking a crack at building your own. Just having a case large enough to home a ton of hard drives isn't enough to do the job right. Your drives need to be accessible. Think about it, you would have to take everything apart to replace or add a hard drive if they were just all stuffed in a case? That's nuts. In the interest of convenience and usability, products like hard drive hot-swap cages are nearly a necessity. Enter the iStarUSA BPU-350SATA hard drive cage Read More »

iStarUSA Railway Series Backplane – BPU-124DE-SS Review

BPU-124DE-SS (11)

Having more than one hard drive in your PC not that uncommon for one reason or another. Sometimes, having access to those drives is just as important as having them. The days of locking your drives behind your case's side panel are gone, and products like SATA cages / backplane make accessing your drives easy. For me, having a number of 2.5" SSDs with varying operating systems fulfills my needs for testing, working, and playing. Instead of selecting which drive I want to run through the BIOS, I simply pop that drive in my SATA backplane and I am off and running. Recently our Vantec EZ Swap F4 MRK-425ST-BK 4 Bay HDD rack has decided that its 40mm fan would sound like a bicycle with a baseball card running through the spokes. Can iStarUSA's BPU-124DE-SS unseat our current hardware? Let's find out. Read More »

Hard Drive Encryption


It seems that the world is going crazy; everyone wants everyone else’s information.  Some companies are going to great lengths to protect their data.  Laptops have gone missing or stolen with tons of important data on them, copy machines have latent images on the hard drives that can contain vital or important private information on them.  So what can be ... Read More »

What is Advanced Format: 4K Sector Drives


I have a lot of friends that are becoming more and more aware of what is going on in the computing world.  As this development matures, I am confronted with more and more questions about the state of technology.  Sometimes, I can very easily explain the idea behind things, but the actual workings of it are somewhat foreign.  Recently, a ... Read More »

Kingwin EZ-CONNECT USI-2535


As someone that is expected to fix everyone’s computer in my family, there is nothing more than “WOOT!” that can  be said about a product that makes my family obligations easier.  My family isn’t exactly the most “in touch” when it comes to computing (you will read an article / rant soon about that) and they make a bunch of ... Read More »

iStarUSA T-5 SS


My digital life is one that can be categorized as anything but stagnant. In my world, hardware changes as often as my underwear (well, not really… but close) and when products come along that may make things easier; I get excited. iStarUSA thinks they might have the answer to one of my problems. Enter the T-5 SS, a screw-less and ... Read More »

Change the Name of Your Hard Drives WHS


People like to customize things.  With that said, I ran across an individual that had an issue with his WHS.  He imaged his existing hard drive to a larger hard drive, but was left with the original disk name in the Windows Home Server Console.  This poses no problems, but is more of an annoyance than anything.  If you want ... Read More »

Vantec Vortex Hard Drive Cooling System

Companies are always trying to get consumers to buy new products aimed at the current “point of concern.” These days, it seems as though cooling and noise is the focal point. Our cases are no longer 1 fan cases that suffer from poor air circulation, our video cards have MONSTER heatsinks on them, our CPU’s are adorned in copper and ... Read More »

Maxtor 3000LE External Hard Drive


Today I am reviewing the Maxtor Personal Storage 3000LE External USB 2.0 Hard drive. If you need some external, portable type storage this is just one of the solutions. The model I chose is a 40 GB unit it’s also available in a 120 GB configuration. It is more expensive than an internal hard drive, but that’s not the reason ... Read More »