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What is Advanced Format: 4K Sector Drives


I have a lot of friends that are becoming more and more aware of what is going on in the computing world.  As this development matures, I am confronted with more and more questions about the state of technology.  Sometimes, I can very easily explain the idea behind things, but the actual workings of it are somewhat foreign.  Recently, a ...

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Western Digital WD400KD


It seems as though Hard Drive manufacturers will never rest until they absolutely drive me insane. A few weeks ago, I was able to review a hard drive by a company named Western Digital that sported 250 gigs of space and a speedy interface. Recently, they decided to tease my with a new drive that slams 400 gigs of space in your face and a tad bit slower interface. Rhyming unintentional. Enter the WD4000KD, a SATA drive with a whopping 400 gigs of space and a 16 MB cache at a not so whopping price of $234.99 (WD's website price - Bare Drive); that's only .59 cents per gig.

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