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Logitech® Precision PC Gaming Headset

If you’ve paid any attention whatsoever to the PC industry, you will recognize the name Logitech®. Long synonymous with quality PC products, Logitech has stepped up the push to broaden its’ appeal. You can find Logitech products integrated into just about every facet of personal and business computing today. Keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones, etc. are all encompassed by the retail line manufactured at Logitech. Our time today will be spent taking an enhanced gander at the ultimate gamer’s advantage, the headset/mic combo known hereafter as the Precision PC Gaming Headset or PGH for short.

One item I need to mention is the marketing of the headset is, obviously, geared towards the gamer hence the name of the headset. However, those who delight in the audio splendor that is Moby or prefer watching SAW on their PC to spongebob on the telly need not feel neglected. Anyone seeking to enjoy a little solitude from the buzz of the homestead can benefit from these little gems. Gee, does that mean I can have my cake and eat it too? Yes, Jimmy, it sure does. Before we get into that though, let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts, shall we? Here are the specs straight from the horses’ a.., I mean mouth.

  • Sensitivity: -58 dBV/uBar, -38 dBV/Pa +/-4dB
  • Frequency Response:
    • Headset: 20-20,000 Hz
    • Microphone: 100-16,000 Hz
  • Cable Length: 10 feet
  • Gold Plated Audio Connectors

Once you get the package you will be greeted with these goodies:

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  1. finally someone who is not a hater and reads the instructions i bought theese love them but i read the reviews and 80% have nothing good to say about them becouse they go and wear them like a traditional headset without reading the instrutions that really is what gets me

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