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Logitech® Precision PC Gaming Headset

Here are some other random shots of the headset, notice the movement of the boom and the open ear pads.

The headset itself is slightly unconventional. Rather than the cross-member resting on the top of your noggin, it plants itself behind your head. No, they do not fall off easily. That was one of my concerns as well. They are snug, without being tight. They are very efficient at eliminating the exterior sounds that might interfere with the enjoyment of your audio. The boom microphone can be swiveled out of the way, as can be seen in the pictures above when not in use, silently too. I dislike the models that “click” as the boom progresses through the various stages. One other feature that you might notice about the headset, and the one that I thought might allow sounds from outside filter in too much, is the open design concept of the ear pads. The big benefit of this design method is allowing airflow around your ears. This practically eliminates getting sweaty ears and headphones from marathon gaming sessions. The microphone also does not pick up the extraneous sounds from the environment, as you would expect from a noise-canceling microphone.

So, after all of this hubbub, how do they actually sound? Awesome. I couldn’t ask for more from a $30 set of headphones. Are they going to provide you with the same audio experience as the $200 Sennheiser? No, but they won’t be far off. Gaming definitely improved as I could distinguish between footsteps. My enjoyment of my MP3 collection if not improved at least pleased my significant other. Honey, it sounds just fine to me at this volume, what’s wrong with your ears? The microphone response was equally satisfying. Very clear with no distortion when used on Teamspeak.

In conclusion, a very nice headset and microphone combination that I would highly recommend. The only real flaw I noticed was the volume control. A very annoying little inconvenience in an otherwise great product. Of course, that’s just my opinion your mileage may vary.

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  1. finally someone who is not a hater and reads the instructions i bought theese love them but i read the reviews and 80% have nothing good to say about them becouse they go and wear them like a traditional headset without reading the instrutions that really is what gets me

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