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Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse: RF-BTCMBO2

Along with the migration of the PC from the home office to the living room comes a bunch of new challenges. Some of these challenges are simple and some are not so simple; one of my greatest challenges was controlling my HTPC from across the room. I will not accept having a wired keyboard and mouse attached to my HTPC nor will I suffer from relying on line of site wireless devices. With that said, a solution proposed itself in the form of the Rocketfish RF-BTCMBO2 Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse one day while I was strolling through Best Buy.

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YavaCo PC Test Station

Since its inception, COD has had the wonderful opportunity to play with some great hardware and have web surfers read our opinions on them all. We have not always had the latest and greatest motherboard and video card reviews; we have not always had the cutting edge tech articles on theories about where the industry is going; we have, however, …

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Jackson Armor Card

What if I told you I could make your PC “crash-proof”, would you believe me? Well, that’s just what Jackson Backup is touting with their Armor Card. Now, that’s not to say your PC won’t lockup as most running Windows are prone to do. But, you don’t have to worry about a system crash. Go ahead, make whatever changes you …

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A4Tech KBS-2680USB Wireless Keyboard

The feel of this setup is nice, although bit odd because of the key layout, the layout of the keys are in an A shape instead of the typical key layout. Maybe it is because I'm typing this in linux with openoffice; I have a dual boot system set up and will be typing this in both linux and windows to give you an idea of how well it works with both. Granted driver/software support is limited to windows, as of this article, linux is not supported, but an email sent to them revealed they are working on linux support. Good news for us who don't like living with just the "normal".

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Zonet 2 port KVM3002

How many computers do you have? One? Planning on building another one, but don’t want to spend another 100+ dollars on another monitor? We have found your answer! Most KVM’s (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) out there aren’t cheap, they are about the same price as some low end monitors. I found a KVM from Zonet that includes all the cables and …

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