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Crucial MX100 SSD 256GB Review

Crucial, the company that impressed us with their M4 series SSD, has expanded their SSD portfolio with a low cost, high performance, MX100 series drive. Their claims of "unrelenting performance" combined with low cost per GB is an attractive marketing campaign. Extreme Energy Efficiency, Adaptive Thermal Protection, and Power Loss Protection mark some of the Crucial benefits on the product page. With all this marketing fluff, the real question is... how does this budget SSD stack up when it comes to spending your hard earned cash?

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Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Review

Some companies just have a knack for making their way into my life. My home and offices are populated with plenty of Samsung tech; I have a Samsung microwave, LED TV, Soundbar, Galaxy S3, headphones, Color Laser Printer, 2 Samsung Laptops, etc. Well, now Samsung wants to entice me with their 840 PRO Series SSD. Does Samsung's high end SSD have what it takes to unseat our current SSD choice, the OCZ Vector?

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SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD 128GB Review

If you are in the market for an SSD, there are a lot of options. The market is so flooded that it may become difficult to pick one. SanDisk thinks they can persuade you to choose their Ultra Plus Solid State Drive by keeping the price low, and the performance on par with drives that cost more. SanDisk brings to the table with them years of experience; they are not new to this game, but do they have what it takes to get your hard earned cache (deliberate play on words)?

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OCZ Vector SSD Review

OCZ has had a long standing relationship with my PC's. I have had plenty of RAM, Power Supplies, and other various items in almost all of my rigs over the years. However, there hasn't been an SSD from OCZ in the lab... until now. As far as SSDs go, I am a big fan of the Crucial M4 linup; so much so that it has made its home in my regular system. Today, OCZ thinks they can sway me with their Indilinx infused Vector SSD.

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