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Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Review

To recap, Samsung’s claims are that this drive is capable of delivering performance in the vicinity of 540MB/s and 450MB/s of sequential read and write speeds.

SSD Benchmarking Hardware & Methodology details hardware used & methodology for conducting benchmarks.
To see how this SSD compares to others, please visit our SSD Benchmarking Database

AS SSD is a small but powerful SSD benchmarking utility created specifically for that purpose. The software uses “incompressible” data to benchmark your drive without the benefits of compression that may increase performance under certain circumstances.

DescriptionTotal ScoreRead ScoreWrite Score
Samsung 840 Pro 256845366283
DescriptionSEQ ReadSEQ Write
Samsung 840 Pro 256507.93464.99
Description4K Read4K Write
Samsung 840 Pro 25631.2266.80
Description4K-64Thrd Read4K-64Thrd Write
Samsung 840 Pro 256283.52170.15
DescriptionAcc.time ReadAcc.time Write
Samsung 840 Pro 2560.060.05
Samsung 840 Pro 256305.14195.62257.17

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We love speed... and after reviewing the Samsung 840 Pro, we were chomping at the bit to get the 840 EVO in the lab. Not only does the newer EVO model use newer 19nm 3-bit Triple-Level Cell vs that of 2-bit MLC found in the 840 Pro, but it also features a much more attractive price-point and an increased IOPS... on paper.

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