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Antec GX700 Review


There haven't been too many cases that I would consider as an option for my own rig that weren't made by Lian Li, Fractal, SilverStone, or Zalman. However, Antec thinks they can get on my radar by wooing my alter ego, the one that plays Call of Duty 'till 4 in the morning jacked up on Mountain Dew, Sour Patch Kids, and stale Cool Ranch Doritos. The GX700 is a military inspired chassis with some nifty features, but does it have enough to find a home in my home? Read More »

Fractal Design – Define R4

Fractal Design - Define R4 (10)

From what I hear, not all the best cases are made from Aluminum. However, I can't think of the last case I used for my primary workstation that wasn't. Fractal Design has set out to change all that with the Define R4. This case is sleek, sturdy, and may just be the one to displace my aluminum tradition. Read More »


RAIDMAX-Cobra (19)

My computing world is simple, I don't like things that are too over the top. In other words, I like certain things to be simple... especially my computer cases. The calmer the appearance, the more I like it. If you have some change in your pocket, Lian Li and SilverStone are the ones I look to first. If I need a budget case, the BitFenix Merc Alpha or the CoolerMaster Centurion fits the bill. Today, RAIDMAX thinks they have a budget chassis that can find a place amongst our short list of go to cases. Read More »

SilverStone SST-TJ04B-EW Evolution Chassis


When it comes to PC cases, SilverStone is a name that comes to mind quickly. During their reign, they have produced some of the most sought after enthusiast cases. With the evolution of the Temjin Series, SilverStone has resurrected the TJ04 and made some enhancements that are well worth looking at. Read More »

SilverStone Grandia GD08

SilverStone-GD08 (7)

It seems that each time I find a quality HTPC case, SilverStone has to come along and shake things up. The release of their GD06 HTPC case provided a great option for those that want a high quality HTPC case without spending a lot of money. Well, what happens when they introduce another case, again affordable, that builds on everything the GD06 was and more? You end up with the Grandia GD08. Read More »

Lian Li PC-C60


If you frequent C.O.D. you will realize that I am a fan of Lian Li. I have had many of their cases over the years and it seems that they always seem to set the bar just a little higher every time they come out with something new. Granted, there have been some questionable designs over the years (U6), but I tend to forget those rather quickly when I look at the number of extremely well designed and meticulously manufactured chassis they have produced. Recently, Lian Li has produced an HTPC chassis that promises to impress... the PC-C60. Read More »

SilverStone GD06


There is no doubt that the HTPC enthusiast has some options when looking for a chassis to fill the void in their entertainment center. It seems like so many of the options are either too small, too big, to ugly, or too expensive. With that in mind, SilverStone has stepped up their game. SilverStone is no slouch when it comes to manufacturing high quality computer components and with the introduction of the GD06, the company is trying to shake up the HTPC chassis market a bit. Read More »

BitFenix Merc Alpha


Generally, many case makers like to feature top notch, expensive high end cases and seem to forget about the majority of people; those of us with a budget! The market is flooded with cheaply made, low cost cases that many just settle on purchasing because they can't afford cases by Lian Li, Silverstone, Zalman, or any of the other top end brand names. Recently, BitFenix has been making some waves by producing their Colossus with the soft touch element. Luckily for us, they want to continue their ways and offer a well designed inexpensive option for us named the Merc Alpha. Read More »

Lian Li PC-6


We've seen plenty of different ideas from plenty of case manufacturers to differentiate them from others. There are those manufacturers that try to wow you with graphics, those that try to innovate with crazy designs; personally, I like it when they get back to the basics. Lian Li is one of those companies that have been consistent throughout their tenure, with only a few questionable designs throughout the years. With the introduction of the PC-6, Lian Li thinks they can bring this "back to basics" reviewer to chassis nirvana. Read More »

Sentey Burton – GS-6500


Sometimes, being a case manufacturer means that you have to do something special to get noticed. It isn’t always the flashy designs or the obnoxious graphics that gets your product known. Sometimes, it is just good craftsmanship and a good design that gets people like me excited. With a slew of case manufacturers out there, Sentey thinks they can get your attention with their Burton Chassis. Read More »