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Best KODI / XBMC Addons for 2015

Last year, we covered some of the addons we felt were the best out there for XBMC.  Well, this is a new year and with the new year comes a new list… and name (KODI).  This list will NOT include the previously mentioned items in last year’s list of top addons.  Here is my list for the Best KODI (XBMC) Addons for 2015

Last year’s list: http://computingondemand.com/best-xbmc-addons-2014/


 KODI2015 (2)

While MashUp made the list last year, it has officially closed its doors.  This left a lot of us searching for a replacement.  Well, Phoenix has come along way and offers streaming of TV shows, films, sports and tons more.  This is probably my absolute favorite addon right now… why?  I can watch Tom & Jerry.

Repository: http://forums.computingondemand.com/files/file/23-phoenix/


 KODI2015 (4)

Another live streaming alternative to any that we have listed.  Cliq streams your playlist, or someone else’s, making it easier to find the live streams, movies, shows, sports, and even the cartoons you have been looking for.

Repository: http://forums.computingondemand.com/files/file/20-blazetamers-repo/


 KODI2015 (1)

Genesis is an addon for, again, streaming movies and TV shows.  The addon features a ton of content from a ton of different sources and has the ability to separate TV shows from Movies in lists.  You can search movies by Year, Actor, and even Oscar Winners and that alone makes this addon one worth getting.  Additionally, the configuration makes it easy to enable or disable sources based on your preferences.

Repository: http://forums.computingondemand.com/files/file/21-genesis/


 KODI2015 (3)

Although the TV and Movie streaming apps usually get all the love, iHeartRadio is going to get some love from me.  While driving, there are a slew of radio stations I sift through to find my favorite content.  Well, not having an AM/FM radio in my entertainment center means that I have to be driving to enjoy this content.  iHeartRadio takes care of that for me and brings my favorite radio broadcasts into my living room.

Repository: http://forums.computingondemand.com/files/file/22-iheartradio/


KODI2015 (5)

F.T.V is a streaming addon that provides content from FilmOn.  The list of channels is long but a lot of them are garbage.  However there is some great content.  It features category listings and works well alongside the other addons listed above.

Repository: http://kinkin-xbmc-repository.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/zips/repository.Kinkin/repository.Kinkin-1.2.zip

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  1. I have Kodi on a android device (xios). We usually watch everything on Genesis. We upgraded our internet to the highest (50 Mbps). However we still have major buffering issues. I clear the Genesis cache daily as well as the cache in the Maintenance program. Is there something else I could do to stop the buffering issues?

    • You can try something along the lines of QoS. Is your android device running Kodi wireless? Just because you are getting 50mbs internet doesn’t mean that your wireless network can handle that… could be wireless signal strength, etc. Are you running WEP? AES TKIP etc?

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