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Cooler Master Musketeer

In my pursuit of elevating myself to the upper echelons of the geek community, I am always looking for ways to separate myself from my neighbors. This started with my consumption of “extreme” computer components, to windowed cases glowing with bright blue cold cathodes, rheostats, dials, knobs, green fluids, and now; the Cooler Master Musketeer. This is in no way an introduction to a new product, but more like a great idea revisited. Products like this offer a fresh and innovative means of breaking away from the plain old beige box that most of the computing community is striving to steer away from, making computing a more personal experience.


The Musketeer doesn’t really do anything that other monitoring/control devices don’t do, but what it does do is the same things with a greater sense of style. I look at the way the Musketeer is designed and I’m quickly reminded of the cockpit feel auto designers attempted to ascertain when they designed the interior of some of the earlier sports cars. There are a lot of products out there that do the same things as others, but it’s the products that reach for innovation and creativity that find themselves atop the community by doing so with quality and reliability.

When you first see the Musketeer you see its elegant face, adorned with slide controls and an analog monitoring system that blends nicely with any configured computer. From left to right you see Voltage of the controlled fan/fans, the means to adjust it (6-10 volts), VU (volume unit – measures the audio sound pressure), a slide to control it, and finally; the temperature of whatever you choose to monitor.


Everything is solidly constructed; from the slides and displays, to the chassis of the device itself. Simple and effective seems to be the goal with this product. Upon closer inspection, you will see that there is not an overabundance of connections for you to make when installing this thing in your rig. Thank you for listening, Coolermaster.


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