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UV Reactive Fan Guards

Everyone has their own ideas on how to add their own personal touch to the overall aesthetics of their computer. Some people have windows with neon lights, some have laser etched applique’s, but most of these people still populate their cases with BORING wire fan guards. Why? Who knows, but with the decreasing costs of today’s laser cut fan grills, it amazes me that more and more people haven’t caught on. I am going to show you a few options for those of you who aren’t afraid to dive into self expression.

Above are three of the available options, from left to right; the UV Blue Skull, the UV Green Skull, and the UV Red Wings. These fans are constructed of ultraviolet reactive acrylic material. The acrylic is no less than 1/8″ thick; one thing I did notice was that they are all indeed no less than 1/8″; however, they are all not the same. In fact, not one of the three is the same thickness. Although the discrepancies are not great, they are there and can make a difference if you are placing these next to each other. In their defense, most people will not notice this unless they are looking for this, so in the end it’s not that disturbing. The difference is illustrated in the pictures below.

The amount of detail put in to these is quite impressive. If you look closely at the skull fan guards you can see a great amount of small precise cuts. One drawback to these small cuts is the fact that even the slightest bend will cause cracking.

I may offend a few people with this statement, but here it goes. IF YOU CAN’T INSTALL THESE, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. So needless to say, it’s simple. There are some issues I have with fan guards like this though.

  • They don’t protect your fingers very well from fan blades, but Crazy PC says right on their website “Please note these are decorative fan guards, as such we recommend using a plastic fan guard on the inside portion of the case which will provide more protection and also has the bonus of hiding the fan and making your decorative fan guard stand out all the more.”
  • The size. Each fan guard is larger than the “normal” size guard you would use to protect the fan. Example: you can’t have 2 next to each other in tight situation. See pictures.

If you seek decorative fan guards look no further, these are your answers. They are crafted well, they are affordably priced (relatively) 10.95, and they are just plain cool.

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