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Thank you for your interest in Computingondemand.com

We are always looking for new talent at C.O.D. and guest posting is the best way to get your application in the hat.  Our guest posters can gain exposure in the technology arena and offer our readers a new perspective.  Guest posting is a non paid engagement but can be used to promote yourself or your site by getting your name and URL out to our readers. C.O.D. has thousands of readers and millions of hits, so start writing!

If you routinely submit great posts, we may contact you for a permanent position!


  • Do not ask us what to write about.  This is YOUR article or review
  • Articles must be written in English.
  • Write your article using the form below.  If there are any images associated with your article, upload them to another server or shared webspace, then reference where they go in your article.  Once your article is approved, the images will be hosted from our CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • All submissions must be your own work!
  • Include a short bio in the contact form below for inclusion in your article.

Some tips for guest posting: A Blogger’s Checklist for Guest Posting On Other Blogs

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