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A Few Words About Computing on Demand:

Computing on Demand was founded in early 2000 in response to less than satisfactory product reviews published on some reputable review sites.  We have become widely accepted as an honest and fair member of the review community and have been influential in the manufacturing and design/redesign of products we analyze. C.O.D. is your source for PC news and reviews; publishing breaking news, analyzing current technology and products, and providing readers with guides from fixing Windows issues to modifying WordPress Themes.  Our audience demographic extends to public relations agencies, early adopters, enthusiasts, gamers, industry influencers, C-level management, and journalists to name a few.



We can help deliver your marketing message through advertising.

Advertising on Computing on Demand can take the form of many options and experience has taught us that selling simple banner advertisements alone just doesn’t work. Presently, all of our clients participate in advertising campaigns, some of which may be through monthly agreements and others with contracts various length terms. The disadvantage of monthly agreements is that another advertiser may wish to advertise annually which would be a deciding factor in positioning at month’s end.

We are happy to acknowledge that space at Computing on Demand remains very limited as our clients enjoy the ‘personal relationship’ we provide and we have yet to realize the end of an advertising relationship amongst our family. Conversely, some very close friendships have come as a result or our engagements.