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Kingwin EZ-CONNECT USI-2535

As someone that is expected to fix everyone’s computer in my family, there is nothing more than “WOOT!” that can  be said about a product that makes my family obligations easier.  My family isn’t exactly the most “in touch” when it comes to computing (you will read an article / rant soon about that) and they make a bunch of dumb mistakes… most of which ends up with them contracting a I.T.D. (Internet Transmitted Disease, a.k.a. VIRUS!). That’s when the frenzy starts, the claims that the world is collapsing, the seas are rising, they can’t send email!  I must work quickly and efficiently to alleviate their ailments.  With that said, products like the USI-2535 makes my job easier.

The USI-2535 is designed to make attaching a hard drive to a PC quick and painless.  It provides the ability to connect your notebook hard drive, your PATA hard drive, or your SATA (I or II)  hard drive to a computer through a USB  (1.1 or 2.o) connection.

The bells and whistles, there aren’t any… well wait; there is the OTB (one touch backup) that no one really uses.  Other than that, the box comes with all the cables you need: USB cable, Power Adapter for SATA, Power Cable, Sata Data Cable, Power Brick, a CD, and a Manual.  If you need a manual for this… you should seek counseling.  The CD contains the useless OTB software and a driver for Windows 98.  Every “modern” operating system seems to find the device without any intervention required.  Connection is simple:

  1. Power the HDD by connecting the power adapter to it
  2. Connect the HDD to the USI-2535
  3. Connect the USI-2535 to your computer.
  4. VOILA!

There isn’t much to do in regards to benchmarking as you are limited to the speed of USB here.  The device is not meant to be used as a means of connecting a hard drive for super long extended periods.  The idea is for quick access to a drive to either get data, give data, scan for viri, etc.  You must remember that there is no cooling provided so your drive can get a bit toasty if you use it for extended periods.

I can honestly say that the USI-2535 has made working on machines much simpler by allowing me to quickly connect a hard drive without any hassle.  The device works as expected and provides the freedom I need.  Bottom line… is it worth the $15.00 I have seen it sell for? YES!

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  1. I get the value the Kingwin EZ-connect provides – or should provide, rather. Any PC I use it on shows the USB adapter device, but when using a brand new HD – unformatted – the PC can't see it. It does not show up in Explorer, disk manager, etc. I must be missing something. How do you get a PC to 'see' a new HD using the EZ-connect device?

    • It could be that the drive doesn't have a partition yet either… have you looked in the disk manager to see? Right click on My computer and select "manage" then look under disk management to see if the disk shows up. If not, you may have an issue with your ezconnect. I have used this one on various systems with a bunch of different disks and haven't had any issues.

    • Jim your having the same problem as I am.

      Drivers load, win reports usb device con. but I can't get at it to format the new drive?

      I am going to hook it to my laptop and see if I can with Linux, It did work with a 2.5 hd that was formated and full, just went to a larger hd…

      Good luck

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