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Show Channel Logos and Upcoming Shows in Plex HDHR Viewer

If you tuned into our last article about streaming your HDHomerun Prime through your Plex Server using a channel application called HDHR Viewer, then you will definitely find this article to be bonus material.  Having the HDHR Viewer surely makes Plex more robust and far more traveler friendly, but the interface is lacking.  What is it lacking exactly?  Well, first, it is lacking channel logos.  Secondly, it is lacking upcoming episodes; or, an EPG of sorts.  With a little patience and a bit of elbow grease, we can make both of those happen.

HDHRChannel (1)

It will be necessary to create an account at Zap2it and configure your location so an upcoming episode or show listing can be created.  Once registered and your location / cable provider have been set, you must set some preferences.  In order for the HDHR Viewer app to pull information about the upcoming shows, an xmltv.xml file must be generated and with that comes one stipulation… the file must be less than 20MB.

To help keep the xmltv.xml file size down, set your preferences on the Zap2it website and make sure you select your favorite channels , the grid will be adjusted accordingly.  Some additional requirements include:

  • Show Six Hour Grid
  • Show only my favorite channels in the grid

HDHRChannel (2)HDHRChannel (4)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring zap2xml
  3. Moving Files
  4. HDHR Plugin Locations

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