Today, I Love Troubleshooting the Thecus W5000

Recently, I have been experiencing some strange issues with the Thecus W5000 that we had reviewed some time ago. The NAS is fantastic; and what it does, it does well, given the limitations Microsoft has put on the OS. Lately, things have been a little wonky though. The NAS goes offline intermittently, it becomes unresponsive to remote control requests, etc. In an effort to renew my love for the W5000, I decided it would be high-time I started poking around a bit to see if I can uncover the culprit and resolve the issues.

To make a long story short, and more interesting, there were a lot of services running that are sucking the memory right out of the NAS.

And… here is where the story gets interesting… While monitoring the task manager for processes and their CPU / Memory usage, I started scrolling. Scrolling through the endless list of processes that are sucking up what little memory this NAS has. Then, I noticed it… and I laughed… out loud, literally. It seems the engineers over at Thecus have a sense of humor!


The culprit? You see, I have been using this NAS as a backup destination for one of my Web Hosting servers. The application I use has a front end that requires Java (ugh). Well, it turns out that Java is the memory hog causing all the responsiveness issues with the NAS.  Killed Java, all is well.  Now I just have to find a new backup solution for my web hosting server… another day, I am going to enjoy The non-sucking service manager for a while.

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