DCS-1130 Missing Features After Firmware Update

If our readers are anything like me, they like to keep their devices up to date with the latest firmware.  Typically, this is either to fix some bugs that have been found or to introduce some new features to a product.  With that said, it is also normal for a company to distribute a changelog which indicates either what changes have been made or what features have been added.

Recently, in an attempt to get my DCS-1130 to work with my QNAP‘s Surveillance station, I searched and found a firmware update (version 1.05) for the camera.  Oddly, there was no changelog accompanying firmware in the zip, so thinking nothing of it, I installed the firmware and to my displeasure was still unable to connect to the QNAP module.

To my surprise, about a week later when I was attempting to set the camera up using the Recording option and record to a Samba that I had previously been using, I noticed that the option was missing in the camera’s firmware and an option for recording “Video Clips” was all that was available.  The new “Video Clips” required that I use either FTP or email and also did not support the creation of folders for recording dates like the previous firmware version’s Recording option had. Worse yet, the manual for the product still reflects the recording to Samba option…

This release is a poor choice for D-Link and if you are using this camera, avoid this firmware update.  Luckily for you (our readers), I remembered the D-Link FTP site and found an older version of the firmware (version 1.03) which still contains the Recording to Samba option.

Enjoy: DCS-1130_A2_FW_1.03 (english)

Note: We are not responsible for anything that happens to your camera, or related to the use of… just lending a helping hand.

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