Facebook Sucks

Sorry about this, but I am about to express my disgust with Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook.  I use it all the time for work and for fun.  I have yet to find a tool better for reconnecting with old friends.  However, it has gone too far.  This isn’t a rant about privacy and the social engineering project that the Facebook Enterprise is embarking on.  This is about SPAM.

If you remember, a long time ago I wrote an article on AOL and its SPAM tactics advertising that it would prevent SPAM.  If you know me, I hate SPAM.  SPAM through Mail, SPAM through email, SPAM through phone calls, SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!

My Facebook wall used to be a place where I could keep up with everyone.  Tom went to the beach, Linda had a baby, Jeff stepped on a frog.  The tiny bits of information that we found inviting about our friends and their lives.  Instead of the little tidbits of information we used to find so hilarious “Sitting on the deck #bored”, we are now bombarded with SPAM… and you are loving every second of it.  I used to make fun of the little updates… seriously? Who the hell cares where you are sitting?

Today is different though.  My Facebook wall is now littered with video garbage and post card images that have nothing to do with anyone anymore.  Cats that knock stuff off of counters and a kid, albeit a cute kid, that says “apparently”.  The entire wall is meaningless crap.  I found myself watching a video of an overweight clown dancing to “Single Ladies” for more than than 5 seconds.

I sat down and thought about this for a minute.  If I went through my friends list and deleted anyone that posted all this garbage, I wouldn’t be left with ANYONE!  My Facebook friends list would be a collection of senior citizens, that signed up for Facebook because their grandchildren thought it would be funny to have grandpa on Facebook.  That’s all.  I would only know whats going on with Medicare and that someone didn’t get a large enough cost of living increase from Social Security.

BTW, share this.  HA!

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