QNAP’s myQNAPcloud SmartLink Service

If you are one of the many QNAP faithful, you may have realized that there have been many quiet changes that accompanied QTS 4.1.  Among the many enhancements came an enhancement to QNAP’s MyQNAPCloud service.  From the start, the service didn’t look like it would be something that I would really take advantage of.  The interface was simple and didn’t really offer me much in the way of functionality.  Also, having multiple NAS meant multiple logins and just an additional layer of pain.  Well, things are different now… and I like it.

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The myQNAPcloud service simplifies remote management for the casual, home , and power user.  The service now provides a gateway to your appliance(s) in a very clean and easy to navigate portal.  Once you have assigned your NAS a name (QID) through the myQNAPcloud service your NAS becomes available to use in the myQNAPcloud portal.

Through this cloud service, you not only have an easy way to access your NAS or NAS (that’s the plural) via Dynamic DNS, you have a single interface to access things like the Device Details, NAS Administration, Download Station, File Station, Web Server, Multimedia Station, Photo Station, Music Station, and more.  It is all there.

The interface is broken up into two major sections.

The left has sections for My Devices, Favorite Devices, and devices Shared With Me.

  • My Devices: From here, you can manage and catalog all your QNAP devices.  They are listed out in alphabetical order.
  • Favorite Devices: You can easily search for devices owned by friends, family, or others and add them to your list of favorites.
  • Shared With Me: If someone shares a file with you using your email address registered with myQNAPcloud, the links for those files will show up here.

When a device is selected from My Devices, the right side of the portal allows you to login to your NAS.  The Shared folders and Share links tabs require you to login, while the Device detail tab can be viewed freely.

Device Detail provides a photo of your NAS for easy identification, the device name, model, internet address, local and WAN IP, the firmware version, and the last update.  The links along the bottom, in my case, QTS, File Station, Multimedia Station, etc, will quickly redirect you to your NAS.  In order for this to work, myQNAPcloud and your router need to be properly configured to forward the ports for those services.

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The Shared Folders tab is an easy way to quickly access files from across the internet.  Downloading, Sharing, and uploading is easy and intuitive.

myqnapcloud (3)

To register your NAS in the myQNAPcloud service, use the myQNAPcloud icon in QTS.  For instructions: Click Here

QNAP has done it again.  The myQNAPcloud SmartLink Service in QTS 4.1 has brought access and usability to another level.  Having all of these features at your fingertips; like Music Station, DJ Station, Video Station, etc. no matter where you are from one simple interface really strengthens QNAP’s position as a leader in NAS.

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