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Show Channel Logos and Upcoming Shows in Plex HDHR Viewer

Next, you will have to grab yourself a copy of zap2xml. This command line application will pull information, including some low resolution logos, for your channels in your area from the zap2it website and then generate the required xmltv.xml file HDHR Viewer uses to generate an upcoming shows listing.


  1. Extract the application to its own folder somewhere on your computer.
  2. Create a subfolder called icons_folder for the icons that will be downloaded.
  3. Create a batch file that calls the zap2xml executable
    1. If you are uncomfortable creating your own batch file, there is one listed in the Plex downloads section of our website.

An example batch file would look something like this:

zap2xml -u [email protected] -p password-d 4 -i icons_folder

Sample Batch File

The items passed above:

  1. -u for username
  2. p for password
  3. -d 4 for the number of days, in this case it is 4 days
  4. -i icons_folder to instruct zap2xml to download the channel icons to the icons_folder

Once the application has been run, you can copy the xmltv.xml file to your HDHR Viewer folder for Resources.  Although the paths vary from system to system, you can get a good idea where to find it later in this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring zap2xml
  3. Moving Files
  4. HDHR Plugin Locations

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