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Show Channel Logos and Upcoming Shows in Plex HDHR Viewer

HDHR Viewer will need to be configured to recognize the xmltv.xml file.

  • Open the configuration for HDHR Viewer
  • Check the box for Enable XMLTV
  • Change Channel Logo match by channel to number

HDHRChannel (6)

While you are navigating the Resources folder to upload your xmltvl.xml file, you can upload images to be used as Channel Logos.

  • The channel logos can be any format (gif, png, jpg, bmp),
  • The recommended image dimensions are 250×140 pixels .
  • The channel logos should be named after your channel number.

You can either use the channel logos downloaded by the zap2xml application (in the icons_folder) or create your own.  If those logos downloaded by zap2xml don’t suit you, I have created some for my own purposes that you can find in the Plex Download Section of our site.  There is also an included Photoshop file for adding other logos easily.

A sample channel logo file name:



Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuring zap2xml
  3. Moving Files
  4. HDHR Plugin Locations

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