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Eagle Tech ET-AR508LR-BK 2.1 Speaker System


There is a new category of computer user out there that I am discovering.  I have been well aware of the uber geek that accepts nothing more than maxing out their credit cards on the top of the line peripherals and equipment, and I have been versed in the practices of the novice as well.  New to me is what ... Read More »

Eagle Consus ET-CSMDSU2-BK Dual Bay Enclosure with OTB


Eagle is a company that I am fast becoming a fan of. They are consistently releasing practical affordable solutions to some of the needs I have been faced with lately. I can already hear it... can you? It's saying, what sets this enclosure apart from the THOUSANDS of others out there? Simple, its made by Eagle... AND, it is DUAL BAY! Read More »

Eagle Consus N-Series External Enclosure


My latestdventure (you will read about it soon) left me with a few SATA hard drives lying around. With those drives came a great opportunity to incorporate them into an off site storage solution. That being said, I absolutely must do this with some style. Enter the Eagle Tech Consus N-Series Sata to USB enclosure. Read More »