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Is Google DNS Better Than Your ISP’s?


Recently, Google introduced their own DNS service for internet customers.  With the latest iteration of their service, along with OpenDNS and a few other DNS Service providers, they have started to use CDN’s (Content Delivery Network) to increase performance.  This helps latency issues that your ISP is typically unable to address by gathering and using data stored on DNS servers ... Read More »

Understanding Google Analytics


If some of you are new to the website thing; you have a lot to learn, but don’t be overwhelmed by it all.  One of the applications that is going to be a help for you to understand where some of of your traffic is coming from or doing on your site is Google Analytics.  If you are new to ... Read More »

Will Google Latitude Destroy Your Relationship?


After switching from iOS to Android and being entrenched in the Google experience, my curiosity leads me in the direction of trying all kinds of new things.  After my initial introduction to Google Voice, I was impressed with the service and with some of things that Google gives us for FREE so I was naturally curious about Google Latitude.  Latitude ... Read More »

Android’s Best Feature is its Biggest Flaw


Everyone is paying attention to the Android buzz, especially Apple and RIM.  With the recent news about some of the offerings coming to the table featuring Google’s Android OS how can anyone ignore it?  Android’s biggest and best feature is that it is open and free to run on various platforms, including various phone manufacturers, tablets, and more.  Recently, a ... Read More »

Google Voice Review


If anyone knows me, they know I play with things for no reason, that is my nature.  With that said, whenever I find something that I haven’t used, haven’t heard of, or could find any reason whatsoever to try, I will.  That is the case with Google voice.  Google voice is not new to many, but it is to me.  ... Read More »