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QNAP TVS-863+ NAS Review

QNAP has shed their Intel only t-shirts and has partnered with AMD to introduce their new TVS-X63+ Golden Cloud Turbo vNAS lineup. These NAS are powered by AMD 64-bit G-Series Quad-Core CPUs, tons of RAM, they are outfitted with 10GbE, powered by AMD Radeon graphics, and feature a brand new Gold exterior. The question is, is this NAS enough to be considered when looking to purchase a storage platform, or will it be marketing propaganda overload?

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ASUSTOR AS5008T Review

ASUSTOR has become one of my go to manufacturers for NAS. They have made some great NAS at some very affordable prices. Naturally, as time goes on, components are less expensive for consumers and for manufacturers. This allows NAS makers to pack more power into their storage appliances without increasing costs. In some cases, we are finding more powerful NAS at lower costs. To compliment this decrease in costs, production ramps up, R&D ramps up, and product enhancements increase. Ok, the point of all that? ASUSTOR has released a new 8-bay NAS, gave it more power, slapped a new name on it, and... lowered the cost. Enter the AS5008T.

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SilverStone DS380 NAS Case Review

There is seldom a time when I get more excited than when someone ships me a case designed specifically for storage. SliverStone told me they would be producing something that would get my fingers twitching in anticipation, and for the last couple of months it sat in a dark corner waiting for the day when I could break it open. Lonely and afraid, the SilverStone DS380 SFF NAS chassis waited, waited for its chance to woo me.

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ASUSTOR AS-608T Review

Storage today has never looked better. The days of loud rackmount servers and complicated operating systems is nearly gone. Today's storage is compact and inviting and the hardware has shifted to smaller systems that house tons of storage. The operating systems have transitioned from expensive name brand products or complicated command line administration to simple web based administration that nearly anyone can use. To keep the market transformation alive, manufacturers need to satisfy our data demand as well as our need for quick and easy administration. Asustor thinks they can deliver on both fronts with the AS-608T, their newest 8 bay NAS with an intuitive IOS-like administration.

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QNAP TS-879U-RP Review

QNAP is no stranger to the storage world and with the introduction of their latest 8 bay NAS, QNAP is also hoping to be no stranger to your server room. The TS-879U-RP, much like other QNAP offerings, serves as both an IP-SAN (iSCSI) and a NAS. QNAP had already impressed us with their home or SOHO NAS, the TS-419P+. Let's see if they can keep the magic going with their SMB NAS, the TS-879U-RP.

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