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BitFenix Colussus Mini-ITX Review

I get very excited when I get a new case in the lab for review. I get even more excited when the case comes from BitFenix. BitFenix has been quietly making some of the best computer cases out there. Their signature SofTouch Surface Treatment is simply amazing. Having gained popularity with their Colossus case, BitFenix has decided to bring all that style and pizzazz to the Mini ITX platform, and dubbed it the Colossus Mini-ITX.

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BitFenix Merc Alpha Review

Generally, many case makers like to feature top notch, expensive high end cases and seem to forget about the majority of people; those of us with a budget! The market is flooded with cheaply made, low cost cases that many just settle on purchasing because they can't afford cases by Lian Li, Silverstone, Zalman, or any of the other top end brand names. Recently, BitFenix has been making some waves by producing their Colossus with the soft touch element. Luckily for us, they want to continue their ways and offer a well designed inexpensive option for us named the Merc Alpha.

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BitFenix Colossus

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times... it takes a lot to impress me. Computer cases have made a wicked transformation over the years and there seems to be a few staples for me when it comes to my top picks. My main rig runs out of my Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 and my server makes its home inside the simple yet industrial Lian Li PC-75B (one of my all time favorite cases). As computer cases come and go here in the lab I hear the same song and dance; "This will be the best one you have reviewed yet" and for some reason a lot of them just fall short. BitFenix thinks they can break the current losing streak cases have had here with a design that is tough like Ray Lewis yet soft like Cinemax late night movies. Enter the Colossus.

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