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Drop Dropbox with QNAP

Having data at my fingertips is a necessity in my world; and having services like Dropbox around made things very easy for me, especially with their mobile apps. Unfortunately, I have some issues with using services like Dropbox like having your data stored on their servers. Additionally, their free services just don't give you enough space. With that said, I had been exploring other options for anywhere storage and with the latest firmware and app upgrades from QNAP, I don't need to look any farther than my QNAP NAS.

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QNAP TS-269 PRO NAS Review

It is so easy for us at C.O.D. to get carried away with storage solutions that are a bit over the top. Although there are a few of you out there that get excited about 6 bay and 8 bay NAS, the majority of people I know are more likely to look for a 2 bay or 4 bay solution for their home or small business. In an effort to fill the gap, QNAP has decided that we should take a look at their latest 2 bay NAS, the QNAP TS-269 PRO.

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QNAP TS-879U-RP Review

QNAP is no stranger to the storage world and with the introduction of their latest 8 bay NAS, QNAP is also hoping to be no stranger to your server room. The TS-879U-RP, much like other QNAP offerings, serves as both an IP-SAN (iSCSI) and a NAS. QNAP had already impressed us with their home or SOHO NAS, the TS-419P+. Let's see if they can keep the magic going with their SMB NAS, the TS-879U-RP.

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QNAP TS-419P+ Turbo NAS Review

The days of using thumb drives and floppy disks to store your valuable data are gone. Today the options are many and for those of us looking for an easy to use storage solution, QNAP thinks they have the answer. The idea of a home server is nothing new and Microsoft has been trying to attack this market with their Windows Home Server operating system. What users may not know about is that companies that have been producing NAS systems for business recognized your needs and are starting to release products that fit very well in the home office or small office. These systems are small, use very little power, pack a ton of features, and are easy to use.

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