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Acorp 6A815EPD

My review today is of a dual processor motherboard the ACorp 6A815EPD. It’s an older type using Pentium 3 Processors rather than Xeon or AMD MP technology. The reason for me using this motherboard was the fact that Computer Geeks was selling these boards for $29.95 each. They must have had an inventory glut or something. But I’m not complaining …

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Thermalright SLK-800

Along about the middle of last year Thermalright introduced the SLK-800 heatsink for socket 370/462 motherboards. The result was a resounding success. The SLK-800 found itself perched atop the food chain for aftermarket cooling on those steaming Athlons. Praises were heaped upon it like roses on Miss America. So, it’s been well over six months since it was introduced, why subject …

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