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Redirect Your WordPress RSS Feed to FeedBurner Without a Plugin


I am not a fan of running a large amount of plugins on my WordPress sites. Even though there has been a lot of debate as to whether or not it actually effects the performance of your site, I would rather limit the number by as many as possible. For those of you that have looked for a quick and easy way to redirect your feeds to FeedBurner, you may have downloaded and installed a few different plugins. Well, you don't need a plugin, just edit your functions.php file and redirect away. Read More »

Hiding Something in WordPress Until the Last Page of a Post


Using WordPress as a content management system brings you tons of flexibility. Unfortunately, most of the flexibility is unrealized unless you start diving into some code. For me, there are certain times when coding is the only way to get things done. Recently, I ran into a situation where a site I was working on wanted to hide something until the reader reached the last page of a post. By default, there is no way to do this in WordPress. Don't fret, accomplishing this is as easy. Read More »

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP


Running your website, or websites, on WordPress is an easy choice as the flexibility the platform brings is second to none. However, there are some issues with this. Of all the things WordPress does well, there is one major thing that it does very poorly. Managing one instance of WordPress is easy. Managing two instances of WordPress is easy. Managing ... Read More »

Change the WordPress Editor Font


I work with WordPress a lot.  By nature, I like to fiddle with things too.  With that said, I have never been a fan of default font that the WordPress Editor uses.  In fact, I can easily say that if I could change it, I would.  Well, fear not fellow users, there is an easy way to spruce up your ... Read More »

Add Move to Trash Button on WordPress Admin Bar


If you are frequently making changes to your WordPress blog, you have have become tired of having to go through a bunch of menus to delete an out of date or irrelevant post. With a simple edit to your functions.php file, you can add a “Move to Trash” button to your WordPress Admin bar for simple deletes. Read More »

Remove Unused Post Tags From the WordPress Database


If you have been using WordPress for a while, you may notice that you have some Post Tags that could have gone unused or removed from posts as you edit them. Instead of looking through each post tag to determine which are assigned and which arent, just run this Query to remove the unused post tags and then enjoy a ... Read More »

How to Configure MAXCDN with WordPress


If you are running a popular website that utilizes WordPress you may have been asking yourself how you can have the site perform better. Outside of the slew of plugins and functions you can use, you can use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed things up a notch. A content delivery network is a slew of computers or servers ... Read More »

Only Show Featured Image on the First Page of a Post


The nice thing about running sites on WordPress is that you will never run out of things to try. It seems like there is always something new that can be done to better the experience of the reader or further enhance the site. Featured Images are a great way to show off your post, but what if you don’t want ... Read More »

Remove That Smiley Face From Your WordPress Site


Have you ever wondered why that smiley face shows up on your WordPress site? The short answer is that WordPress Stats creates this smiley face and uses it for tracking. In other words, this smiley face is responsible for giving WordPress Stats the information about visitors to your site. Sorry, you can’t get rid of it completely, but you can ... Read More »