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Display a QR Code for Your Post Pages

Have you been looking for an easy way to add a QR code to your WordPress pages? This little code snipped will allow you to add the QR code to your pages just like you see here on C.O.D.

In your single.php simply find the area you would like to display your “QR Code” information and paste the following.

<img src="http://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/?size=100x100&data=<?php the_permalink(); ?>" alt="QR:"  <?php the_title(); ?>"/>

About Joe D

I have always had a passion for everything computing. In early 2000, I decided to take my passion to the web. Thus, C.O.D. was born. Through the years we have made many great friends at C.O.D. and hope to continue our journey for years to come.

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