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ineo SSD/HDD Docking Station

ineo-I-NA321-1 (1)

Having the proper tools at your fingertips makes everything you need to do a bit easier. In the tech world, sometimes the simpler the tool, the better. Having a docking station in your workspace can make data easier to manage and outfitting that docking station as a standalone duplicator makes it an indispensable utility. It wasn't that long ago that StarTech sent us the SATDOCK22RE for review and today, ineo thinks they have a product that can do the job better... and faster. Enter the ineo I-NA321U+, a hard drive docking station and standalone duplicator.

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Review: USB 3.0 to HDMI & VGA External Video Card


When you are on the go, sometimes having the multimedia connectivity you want isn’t always available to you.  When I travel, I like to bring my laptop with me wherever I go and there is nothing better than sitting in a hotel room late at night with my laptop hooked up to their TV watching the movies I bring with ...

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Larger storage solutions are becoming standard fare in today's home and office. We are collecting more data about everything than just a few years ago. With the transition many homes and small companies are making into the digital realm with data and storage, it may become a dizzying proposition to find a solution to your storage needs. In many circumstances, a NAS may just be overkill and a simple answer is what you are looking for. Enter the RAIDAGE GAGE104U40SL-SAUF Trayless Hardware RAID enclosure.

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Installing Linux on a Netbook from a USB Thumbdrive


In my household, netbooks fly around like curse words.  I have had more Acer’s come through my home office than I would like and for some reason, they either come with Windows XP or Windows 7 Starter; both are worthless in my opinion.  So when my friend asked me help him install Ubuntu on his Aspire One, I obliged.  Remember, ...

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Kingwin EZ-CONNECT USI-2535


As someone that is expected to fix everyone's computer in my family, there is nothing more than "WOOT!" that can  be said about a product that makes my family obligations easier.  My family isn't exactly the most "in touch" when it comes to computing (you will read an article /… Kingwin EZ-CONNECT USI-2535 Kingwin EZ-CONNECT USI-2535 2010-05-07 Joe DiFiglia Review ...

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Spire – CF107-NEB – External HDD Enclosure


As our society finds the need to become "on the go," mobile storage solutions needs become more of a necessity than a luxury. As this need develops, companies continue to offer us products that could suit our needs. These products range from the "pre-packaged" deals, like some offerings from Maxtor (3000LE reviewed here), to external enclosures, like the Bytecc ME-320x (reviewed here), for the more technical of consumers. Spire also seems to think that they have an answer to the riddle of mobility. Enter the CF107-NEB.

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Maxtor 3000LE External Hard Drive


Today I am reviewing the Maxtor Personal Storage 3000LE External USB 2.0 Hard drive. If you need some external, portable type storage this is just one of the solutions. The model I chose is a 40 GB unit it's also available in a 120 GB configuration. It is more expensive… Maxtor 3000LE External Hard Drive Maxtor 3000LE External Hard Drive ...

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