Spire – CF107-NEB – External HDD Enclosure

As our society finds the need to become “on the go,” mobile storage solutions needs become more of a necessity than a luxury. As this need develops, companies continue to offer us products that could suit our needs. These products range from the “pre-packaged” deals, like some offerings from Maxtor (3000LE reviewed here), to external enclosures, like the Bytecc ME-320x (reviewed here), for the more technical of consumers. Spire also seems to think that they have an answer to the riddle of mobility. Enter the CF107-NEB.


The CF107-NEB is an external enclosure made to be versatile. It can not only house a 3.5″ HDD of up to 300 gigs in size but it can also aid you in your need for an external CD/DVD recorder. When I say an HDD of any size, I mean that you are only limited to what your budget allows (outside of operating system limitations); if you can only afford a 10 gig HDD then you have a 10 gig external storage solution. If your wallet is feeling a little heavy and you feel like owning 250+ gigs of empty space, then feel free to slap it inside this USB 2.0 enclosure and go to your buddy’s house to pillage his MP3 collection.


As you can see, it’s a sharp looking unit. This differs greatly from the rather ugly appearance of the Maxtor unit aforementioned. The CF107-NEB unit is constructed of aluminum and plastic and blends well on the desk of any user. The dimensions of the unit are rather large, 255mm 170mm 55mm (l x w x h), but being that it has the ability to house a full sized CD/DVD drive/burner, that is to be expected.


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