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Can’t Remove a Partition? Use DiskPart

diskpart-deletep (6)

If you have ever removed a hard drive from a system and installed it in another, you may have run into a situation before where you are unable to delete some of the partitions on the drive. This usually happens when you remove the hard drive from a system made by Dell, Acer, Samsung, etc. The partitions you are unable to remove are designated for system restore and the like. Well, getting rid of those partitions is easier than you think. All you need is a command line and a cup of coffee. Read More »

Share “Playstate” using MediaBrowser for WMC


Lately, I have been experimenting with various types of front ends for my HTPC from the likes of PLEX, XBMC, MediaPortal, and more.  For some reason though, they all seem to fall short, in their own ways, of Windows Media Center.  After tons if installs and uninstalls, I settled on using the MediaBrowser Plugin for Windows Media Center… but there ... Read More »

Play .MKV’s in Windows Media Center (WMC)


For a long time I had resisted converting my DVD and Blu-Ray disks into any other format because I didn’t want to lose any quality.  I had lived by this rule for a long time, and thankfully companies like QNAP and Thecus came to my storage rescue.  However, the day has come where the cost of storing all the extra ... Read More »

How to Fix “MSVCR71.dll is Missing” Error


I run a lot of different software packages on my bench system to perform analysis on hardware.  Because of this, I run into a lot of software issues that many of you face or will face.  Typically, the fixes are easy and not do difficult to find.  Recently, I received an error stating “The program can’t start because MSVCR71.DLL is ... Read More »

Essential Windows 7 Tweaks: Part 3


Every person has different tastes when it comes to their installation of Windows.  Through the years that have been many things that I do right off the bat when getting my install “just right”.  In the XP days, the first thing I would do was to stretch the taskbar, enable Quick Launch, add an address bar, unlock it, then move ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why Windows is the Best OS


Look, we all know and realize that Windows is the superior operating system to anything else out there.  With that said, I am going to detail ten reasons why this is the case and offer supporting data.  Some of this may be shocking to you if you are a user of another operating system, but please… don’t feel inferior. Read More »

To The Cloud: Windows Live & Remote Access


Most of you have probably seen the commercials from Microsoft touting the cloud experience behind Windows 7 and Windows Live.  The thing is… many of us that have Windows 7 don’t really know how to do some of the things they show in those commercials.  In this multi-part series, we will attempt to demystify the “cloud” and show you how ... Read More »

VMWare: Windows 7 Ethernet is Missing


I recently created a VM for Windows 7 and proceeded to waste hours trying to figure out why the Ethernet controller was missing from the Device Manager.  Installing VMWare Tools didn’t fix the issue, tracking down the correct Ethernet driver didn’t help; other people that created the same Virtual Machine were not having problems (of course), just me.  Fixing the ... Read More »

Configure Backup and Restore in Windows 7


In a previous article here on C.O.D. (Essential Windows 7 Tweaks: Part 1), I mentioned it’s my opinion that users should disable the system restore features in Windows 7.  Outside of the resources associated with running the task, I feel as though it provides a false sense of security for Windows Users and does nothing for users plagued by things ... Read More »

Use a Separator Page When Printing in Windows


In my career, yes there is a life outside of C.O.D., I am faced with many obstacles; usually regarding printing or scanning.  Recently, it was requested by a customer that printer output be preceded by a separator page.  Luckily, this is not restricted by devices (in most cases) and is rather easy to setup.  This is very helpful in environments ... Read More »