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Xoxide Spiderman Case

You’ve read the comics, you’ve seen the movies and you’ve even got the poster. What more could the hardcore Spiderman fan need? How about the coolest looking case on the market? Xoxide has kindly provided me with just the ticket to tingle your spider senses. How cool is it to have the web-slinger himself peering out at you in the middle of the night?

Replete with 4 5.25″, 2 visible 3.5″ bays and 4 hidden 3.5″ bays, the steel construction will give you confidence of it’s ability to withstand a little abuse, but at the same time it is still light enough not to give you a hernia. The door is made of plastic, but is in no way delicate. It’s solid and sturdy so don’t worry about slamming it. It secures solidly also, so there are no worries about it opening and being broken off inadvertently.

Located on the side are USB, audio and firewire ports. This is an interesting placement for me. Since I utilize a roll-top desk, front inputs would have been my favorite location but they still work rather well.

On the removable side panel you can see the web etching and the 80mm clear fan. (Yeah, I know, the wiring is a tad messy.) You will see the illuminated pictures later on and can judge for yourself the effect of the webbing.

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