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Accessing Network Storage from Windows 8

Having a large focus on network attached storage here at C.O.D., we get a lot of questions regarding NAS.  Lately, we have been getting some questions about NAS and Windows 8.  The latest, and one of the more interesting ones, was how to interact with your NAS after moving your Windows 8 profile to a Microsoft connected account.  Although there isn’t really a clear and easy way to get around having two different profiles, one on NAS and one on Windows, there is hope.

Getting prompts for a username and password every time you try to access your NAS is not something you should live with.  Luckily, there is an easy way to get around all of this by using Windows Credentials Manager.  The application is buried in the control panel, but finding it is as easy as typing “credential”.  Simply, the application allows you to store your local passwords for your network shares in a safe and easy way so that you may use different network credentials easily.

Windows 8 - Credentials (4) 

From the Windows Start screen, just start typing “credential” to find Windows Credentials Manager.  Typically, Windows 8 search will produce the proper results before you get to the second e.

Windows 8 - Credentials (5) 

Choose Windows Credentials

Windows 8 - Credentials (1) 

Choose Add a Windows Credential

Windows 8 - Credentials (3) 

Fill out the credentials that you require, hit OK and enjoy.

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