Add the “Next Page” Button to the WordPress Editor

For years now, I have been using TinyMCE for WordPress to enhance the editor with some new buttons.  However, I only found myself typically using the “Next Page” button and never really touched any of the others.  I also noticed that some of the new functionality in WordPress 3.1 wasn’t present when using the plugin.  In the interest of keeping the “Next Page” button and losing the plugin, you can add some simple code to your functions.php file.

Just add the following code and enjoy:

[php]// ————————————————————————–
// Start Add NextPage Button
// ————————————————————————–
function wysiwyg_editor($mce_buttons) {
$pos = array_search(‘wp_more’,$mce_buttons,true);
if ($pos !== false) {
$tmp_buttons = array_slice($mce_buttons, 0, $pos+1);
$tmp_buttons[] = ‘wp_page’;
$mce_buttons = array_merge($tmp_buttons, array_slice($mce_buttons, $pos+1));
return $mce_buttons;
// ————————————————————————–
// End Add NextPage Button
// ————————————————————————–[/php]

Note: These functions are not of my own creation, simply things I have found along the way.  If you are the author of this function, please let me know so I can properly credit you with your work!

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