Article: QNAP Updates Firmware to 3.7 | New Features!

QNAP NAS firmware evolves to give you a better Turbo NAS experience. The V3.7 firmware enhances features for advanced business applications with complete Windows ACL support and user home folders. The mobility solution extends with new mobile apps of Qfile and Qmanager to provide easier Turbo NAS operations and management. Surveillance Station Pro further strengthens the surveillance features on the Turbo NAS. New features on system management effectively raise business efficiency. New multimedia applications and enhancements further enrich your recreational life with photos, music, and videos.


New business applications

New business applications

Efficiency has always been a focus in the business environment. Several new business applications are introduced to help businesses achieve greater efficiency: the complete Windows ACL support and user home folders.

Complete Windows ACL

The complete Windows ACL support allows sophisticated shared folder permission settings and thus simplifies IT management for businesses with a large number of users. By enabling Windows ACL support, the basic permission and 13 advanced permissions can be set up from the Windows Explorer and sync to the Turbo NAS shared folder permission setting. In addition, the same permissions apply to AFP, FTP, Web File Manager and Samba when Advanced Folder Permissions is enabled at the same time.

Without user home folders, it takes IT administrators a long time to create personal folders for each individual user one by one on the Turbo NAS. Now, user home folders feature removes the lengthy process and makes the work extremely efficient. With the user home folders feature turned on, a personal folder will be created automatically when a user logs on to the Turbo NAS for the first time.

Improved efficiency for administrators

With user home folders feature, unnecessary repetition of creating folders and setting permissions for each local user and domain user can be omitted for IT administrators. It greatly saves time and efforts. All user home folders are organized in the “homes” folder that appears to IT administrators, allowing convenient user data backup.

Personal folder for users

The “home” folder is designed for providing a private storage space for each user to store or back up non-collaborative files. User’s home folder can be automatically mapped as a drive letter in the Windows AD environment for easy access.

New Mobile apps

New Mobile apps

Mobile apps are reshaping our lives, as well as changing the way we manage remote devices. The QNAP Qfile enables users to access, share, and manage data stored on the Turbo NAS on the go. Qmanager allows easier Turbo NAS monitoring and management anytime and anywhere.


Qfile is a practical app that allows browsing and managing of files stored on the Turbo NAS with iOS® mobile devices. It supports reading files of different formats whenever an appropriate app is available on the mobile device.

Access files and offline reading

Users can access files on the Turbo NAS anytime, anywhere. It helps when the urgent need for accessing and reviewing files occurs. It also supports easily downloading files from the Turbo NAS to mobile devices for offline reading.

Upload files or photos and easy sharing

Qfile makes it easy to upload photos and files directly from mobile devices to the Turbo NAS. Immediate file sharing is possible by creating a download link that can be shared and sent via email or SMS, or simply email the file as an attachment.

Easy management

Qfile makes file management quick and easy. Users can move, copy, rename or delete files on the Turbo NAS, all via the mobile device. No computer is required.


Qmanager turns your mobile device into a remote control for the Turbo NAS. It helps monitor and manage the Turbo NAS on the go with iOS® mobile devices.

Monitor system and connection status

When you need to keep a close eye on the Turbo NAS system, Qmanager provides great assistance in doing so. In addition to monitoring the system information, such as CPU usage, memory usage, system event info, and online users, checking connection status or logged in users remotely is also supported to prevent invasion.

Manage system services

Turbo NAS administrators can easily turn on/off application services of the Turbo NAS via Qmanager, such as Photo Station, Music Station, Download Station and Surveillance Station. It only takes one click and done!

Manage download/backup tasks

Download and backup tasks can be managed in a more efficient way, especially when these tasks account for large part of the daily work. Qmanager enables Turbo NAS administrators to check the Download Station or backup task information, and to pause or run the download or backup tasks remotely.

Identify the NAS, restart or shutdown

It is so simple to use “Find My NAS” to turn on the NAS “Beep” sound to easily identify its location. Depending on the circumstances, restarting or shutting down the Turbo NAS remotely is doable.

Surveillance Station Pro

Surveillance Station Pro

QNAP Surveillance Station is greatly enhanced and upgraded to the Surveillance Station Pro to provide a wider range of surveillance supports as a comprehensive surveillance solution.

Comprehensive surveillance solutions

Surveillance Station Pro supports over 1,000 IP cameras, ranging from high-end to low-end models, and is compatible with ONVIF/PSIA specifications. The wide scale of supported IP cameras presents the Surveillance Station Pro a well-rounded surveillance solution for both professional businesses environments and home environments.

Expandable channels by IP camera license

The Surveillance Station Pro has one free IP camera license installed by default. Administrators can purchase additional licenses to expand channels for IP cameras based on their needs. The flexible and convenient process for license purchasing and installation fulfills different surveillance needs of scalability in a cost-efficient way.

VMobile app

VMobile app supports iOS and Android system and enables users to monitor the surveillance channels anytime and anywhere with mobile devices. It allows camera live view, PTZ control, instant event notifications, video snapshot, video playback, and video search by date and time, bringing forth comprehensive mobile surveillance solutions to satisfy the keen needs for security.

Management Enhancements

Management Enhancements

Continuous improvement on the management aims to raise system management efficiency. Newly added management enhancements include user description on users list, network recycled bin, QNAP Finder for Mac and Linux, and the enhanced USB one-touch-copy.

User description

Are there so many users on the user list that it’s difficult to identify them all? The user description field helps personalize each user by adding a description and email so that IT administrators can quickly recognize each user on the list for relevant management efficiency.

Network recycle bin

The network recycled bin keeps the deleted files so users can still have the chance to retrieve the deleted files, useful for those deleted by mistake. IT administrators can set up a specific file retention time for the network recycle bin. Files in it will be automatically cleaned should the files not be accessed during the retention time. Advanced setup by the file type filter ensures that temporarily created files by some specific applications such as Microsoft Word never go into the recycled bin and take up storage capacity.

QNAP Finder for Mac and Linux

QNAP Finder now fully supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux OS. All users with different platforms now can enjoy the great ease and convenience of QNAP Finder to access the Turbo NAS. QNAP Finder for Mac and Linux OS provides useful features, including a multi-lingual user interface, firmware update notifications, and Samba shared folders browsing.

Enhanced USB one-touch-copy

Rather than one lump sum data backup of the USB drive, now the Turbo NAS USB one-touch copy supports multiple backup jobs for sub-folders with a maximum 9 jobs. Alerts for all the successful or failed backups are provided via email, SMS, or Windows Live Messenger when the tasks are done.

Moreover, easy unmount by pressing and holding the COPY button for about 8-10 seconds until the USB LED light turns off is now supported, providing greater convenience to protect important data before removing the USB storage device.

Multiple network interface card support

Users of TS-x79 rackmount NAS series can now install multiple Gigabit or 10GbE network interface cards for enhanced performance through advanced port trunking configuration. Combined with Service Binding, IT administrators can guarantee high bandwidth for critical applications. Furthermore, higher security is achieved when the users can only connect to the designated services via the specified network interface(s).

Multimedia applications

Multimedia applications and QPKG

Convenience and fun are what we want for recreational experiences. The enhanced Photo Station, Download Station, and new QiTunesAir introduce new sensual experiences.

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