asustor AS3102T NAS Review

ADM 2.4, the ASUSTOR Data Master Operating System, is a sleek and robust Linux-based operating system.  The interface has been upgraded and navigation is as easy as using an iPhone.  The OS is standard across the entire ASUSTOR lineup.  Simplicity? Yes. Multitasking? Yes.  Looks good? Yes.  Bloated? No way.  With the advanced web IU, you can rearrange settings, create pages based on your usage preferences, and even change the background image.  You can run multiple applications without having to commit to those changes and lose everything; the applications can be minimized, moved, or closed.

ASUSTOR-AS5008T (32)

The administration, out of the box, is broken up into several different “apps” that reside on the desktop.  The apps are logically defined and it is easy to figure out what does what without requiring a manual.

Access Control

Access control is where your users, groups, app privileges, and shared folders reside.  Users can be added with just a few clicks and groups can be assigned just as easily to make administrating access to shared folders easy.  Shared Folders can be created and added in no time at all and allows for advanced user access permissions.

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Activity Monitor

The activity monitor presents everything you need to know about what your NAS is doing in a very slick way.  The percentage of each CPU (core) is displayed graphically, as well as memory, network activity, disk usage, and running processes.

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Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore is everything the name describes.  You can create RSYNC jobs, FTP Backup jobs, configure backup to external devices, configure the One Touch Backup, backup to Cloud (currently only supports Amazon S3), and the ability to export and import your backup settings.  In addition to backing up your NAS, you can export or schedule an export of your NAS configuration.

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File Explorer

File explorer is as self-descriptive as can be.  You can view and manage documents easily.  With the cloud services ASUSTOR builds into the NAS, you also have the ability to create a public share for any specific document quickly to allow someone from the outside to download.  Beyond that, compression is built-in (zip or 7z!); just right-click on a file and choose.



Settings is home to the basic configuration of your NAS.  You can configure system ports, regional options, enable notifications, restore to factory default, configure networking, modify energy-saving features, and more.  The hardware subsection allows you to configure things like LED indicators, buzzers, HDD power down settings, and customize the LCD panel.

General: General Settings are very basic.  You can change things like the ports for NAS operation, import an SSL certificate, configure auto logout timers, and change the style of the Sign In Page.

asustor-AS3102T-(65) asustor-AS3102T-(66)

Network: Under Network you can change the Hostname of your NAS, define which Ethernet Port will be configured for the Default Gateway, identify your DNS Server for IPv4 and IPv6, configure Link Aggregation (this NAS has only a single Ethernet Port), Set the IP address of your NAS as well as MTU, VLAN, and define your Proxy information if you are using one.  If you have a Wi-Fi adapter installed, you can configure the wireless networking.

asustor-AS3102T-(67) asustor-AS3102T-(68) asustor-AS3102T-(69) asustor-AS3102T-(70)

VPN: VPN allows you to configure your NAS as a VPN client via PPTP or OpenVPN.

asustor-AS3102T-(71) asustor-AS3102T-(72)

Regional Options: Regional Options is your standard Date & Time, Time Zone, and language

asustor-AS3102T-(73) asustor-AS3102T-(74) asustor-AS3102T-(75)

Hardware: Hardware allows you to configure thinks like LED brightness, buzzer sounds, disabling or enabling the reset button, Disk Hibernation and Sleep Mode, EuP, Power outage settings, Wake-on-Lan, Power Scheduling, and Fan control.

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Notifications: You can send notifications (up to 20 senders) to email or SMS, configure your NAS as a Notifications Recipient, and configure Push Notifications for iOS and Android Devices.

asustor-AS3102T-(83) asustor-AS3102T-(84) asustor-AS3102T-(85) asustor-AS3102T-(86) asustor-AS3102T-(87)

ADM Defender: ADM defender is a very basic firewall that can ban specific IP addresses or ban them based on failed login attempts.  Whitelisting, Blacklisting, etc.

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ADM Update: ADM update allows you to check for and install any software updates available for your system.

Network Recycle Bin: The Network Recycle bin acts as a supplemental insurance policy.  If a file is deleted accidentally from your NAS, you can retrieve it from the network recycle bin.  Here, you can enable, or disable it for CIFS/SAMBA, AFP, FTP, and File Explorer.

asustor-AS3102T-(94) asustor-AS3102T-(95)

Energy Saver: Energy saver will allow you to configure your NASs energy efficiency.  You can use ASUSTOR’s recommended settings for disk standby (internal and / or external), Fan control, WOL, or customize your own.


Ease of Access: Ease of Access presents you with ASUSTOR’s Cloud Connect service, EZ-Router, and DDNS.

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Factory Default: Here you can reset your NAS to NEW

ASUSTOR-AS5008T (91)

Registration: Registration is required for the App store.

ASUSTOR-AS5008T (92)

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