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Clearing your Calendar on Android

Since my recent adoption of the Android platform, I have noticed many little things that drive me crazy about the OS.  I am by no means an Apple Fan Boy, but when compared to IOS… there are just so many things that need to be refined.  Some are very important to fix quickly, and some are just annoyances.  For me, today, it was an annoyance.  My calendar is important to me, it keeps me on track and on time.  However, Android is determined to annoy me with its weird behavior and likes to auto populate my calendar with many of the same events, duplicating them, when syncing.  Now how do I clear all these events?

Verizon was no help, they said I should bring it in to a repair center!  There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to remove events from you calendar on your own, at least that is until you go digging through stuff you shouldn’t have to dig through to find it.

Turns out that you can clear your calendar by:

  1. Accessing the Settings application
  2. Selecting Applications
  3. Selecting Manage Applications
  4. Selecting Calendar
  5. Clicking Clear Data

Granted, some of this is my fault… I did install the Facebook application and I did configure it to sync birthdays.  Outside of that, the rest is Android’s fault.  My calendar would sync birthdays and would show 5 calendar events for some people’s birthdays, two for another, and all kinds of other things were screwy.  I decided to no longer sync anything anymore from my calendar and rely on my faithful Google Calendar ONLY.

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